Friday, November 11, 2011

Dream of Humiliation

Here is a fantasy that I had in a dream last night.

It was a Thursday night and i had the next few days off. I returned home, made Mistresses bath and was waiting for her to return from work. She sent me a text message telling me to get showered and shaved before she got home. I quickly did as I was told and just as i was finishing shaving she walked in. "Hello sissy girl, go ahead and tuck that clitty away before i get undressed" Mistress said. I did as i was told and tucked my clitty back and slipped into a tight pair of panties. She then went on to tell me "find a nice tight fitting pair of jeans, some heels, bra, breast forms, a girly t-shirt and the pink hoody for your attire tonight". She got in the tub and I went about getting dressed. I came back into the bathroom to put my make-up on. "It is very important you do a good job of getting pretty tonight, because i have a special treat for you. First off you are going out dressed, just as you are and filling my car with gas. Once you are all ready i will tell you the rest." I did my makeup and Mistress helped with the eyeshadow, put on and combed my wig and was looking my best. My heart was racing since i had never left the house dressed before. I had only had one other encounter with a stranger dressed, but thats a story for later. Once I was fully dressed and ready for what was to date the biggest adventure yet, Mistress handed me a purse and told me the rest of the plan. "After you get my gas, I want you to drive to a moderately busy parking lot. Take the dildo out of your purse and sit it on the seat next to you. get up on your hands and knees and give that cock a 20 minute blowjob. Just concentrate on the cock, and dont stop till the time is up. While you are away I am going to get set up for even more fun. when you get back, wait in your room until I come out and get you." It was already late and dark out, so I quickly ran out to the car and jumped in. I headed on my way to do my bidding. When I returned home it was nearly 10 pm, I sat on the bed and soon heard noises coming from the bedroom. Mistress was moaning and about to cum. She was also talking and yelling harder. After a few minutes she was screaming in orgasm. I laid on the bed wondering what my Mistress was up to in there. I really wanted to know, but knew better than to disobey. Everything was quiet in the bedroom now, and eventually I to fell asleep  fully dressed, wig and breast forms still in place. When I woke up it was morning, and Mistress came out to get her morning coffee. She asked me "did you have a good time last night? I know I did. You can change in here now, you have a lot of work to do outside the house today." I got changed and went about my day wondering what all had happened the night before, broken and terribly more horny then ever before. So did Mistress really cuckhold me or did she just put on one hell of a tease?

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