Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Car Wash

Early on Saturday morning I was woken before the sun came up . Mistress told me to go shave, she wanted to have some fun with Sookie today. I did as was told and took a bath and shaved. when I came out of the bathroom, she had set out a wardrobe for me. It was a pair of daisy duke shorts, a pink t-shirt and black high heel sandles. A black bra and black panties. I dressed up in the slutty attire, did my make-up and put on my wig. Once dressed, Mistress gave me her instructions. "My normal guy wasn't able to wash and clean my car this week, so you are going to go do it. I want it washed vacuumed and cleaned out. Take your time but make sure it is done right." i slipped out of the house and jumped in the car and was off. Unfortunately a good car wash was about a 30 minute drive away, so I was in for a good showing off. The leather seats were sticking to my newly shaved legs and making me very aware that the shorts I had on didn't cover much of anything. When i got to the car wash it was just beginning to get light, so i hurried along and washed it, got it dried, and began vacuuming before anyone else showed up at the car wash. Sure there had been a few cars drive past, but i kept my head down and my best assets showing. A man about my age had pulled in and was washing his truck as continued vacuuming the carpets, showing him my rear side as much as possible so as not to be discovered. I had felt the cool breeze on my long bare legs all morning, but now all i could feel was his gaze. He stayed and watched me finish long after he was done. I was very nervous that he was going to hit on me, but luckily he did not. I finished up, got back in the car and began my drive home. It was much lighter and i knew that the other drivers could see me clearly now. I was on an sexual high by the time i got home, and Mistress was more than willing to show me what the guy at the car wash was thinking about doing. She slipped into her strap-on, and slowly entered me. Once the head was in, she asked me if i wanted it and i said god yes. " Well then sissy, tell me about your day you little slut. Then maybe i will help you out. Mistress stayed right where she was, with the the head just inside me as i told her how everything went and answered her questions. Once she was satisfied, she fucked me to a half a dozen incredible orgasms, before we both curled up and fell back asleep.

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  1. Wow, I bet that was such a thrill yet so nerve racking... lucky guy!