Monday, December 5, 2011

Tease Session

It has been nine days since my last orgasm and I am finally getting in the groove of submission again. It has been a struggle but I feel myself slowly turning. Last week, Mistress decided that I needed to spend some time out of room so maybe it will set in faster. I am also under instruction that while I am sleeping in the other room, I am to write my fantasies on my blog every night so I will still go to bed horny. I am locked in my CB-6000 and not allowed to see her naked.
When I get home from work, we usually concentrate on the vanilla things in life since we have been talking about sex all day and I am plenty frustrated to get through till bedtime. Today however was a little different. When I walked in Mistress was in a sexy night gown and boots. I was about to tell how sexy she looked and as I opened my mouth she shut me down.

“Go to my room, get naked, get on your hands and knees and keep your eyes down and mouth shut” Mistress demanded.

“Yes mistress”

I did as I was told and within minutes was waiting patiently in her room. When she came in she led me over to the end of the bed, placed a blindfold on me and took a seat on the cedar chest in front of me.

“I wanted to get some playtime in early today, before you spend the rest of the evening in your room writing your stories” she said as she laughed a very new and cruel sounding laugh.

She stood up and walked behind me; I felt her applying a small amount of lube to my ass and gently massage it. The next thing I felt was a glass dildo sliding up and down the crack of my ass, then slowly pressing against my hole. After a good five minutes of teasing she slowly inserted it several inches into me. Reaching down under my chest she began to massage my nipples. It felt incredible in combination with the dildo in my ass. She then proceeded to take the heavy two once nipple clips and handed them to me to apply to my nipples.

“See if you can’t keep that dildo and those clips on till I am finished with you. If any of them drop to the floor, you will be punished.”

“Yes Mistress” I replied.

With that she took her seat back in front of me. She sat so close I could smell her sex and wanted to dive into it. I knew better than to do that without her permission. I heard her begin to play with her pussy.

“Why don’t you worship my feet while I masturbate and tell you a little story slut”

“Yes Mistress”

I began licking her feet, slowly and sensually as I heard her lubing up her dildo. Then listening to the sounds as it went in and out of her bare pussy only inches from my head. She then began to tell me the details of the conversation she had with her best friend at lunch earlier. She also told me that what I had been discussed in the past was merely a beginning and she would tell her or anyone else anything she wanted and to expect much more humiliation. As Mistress finished her conversation with me I could tell she was getting close and I could smell the juices getting stronger. Soon Mistress was moaning in intense orgasm above me and my poor clit was leaking profusely.

When Mistress recovered, she had me sit up and press down on the dildo. As soon as I got situated, Mistress took the soaking wet dildo and began rubbing it and her juices all over my face. When it began to dry she wiped it on her wet pussy and gathered more to smear on my face.  Once I was coated in her sticky cum, she got up and I heard her changing. Before she walked out she gave me my instruction.

“You may take the dildo out, the clips off, and blindfold off. Do not wash off you face because you are a sissy slut, and you deserve to be covered in cum. Once you clean up your dildo, I want you to take it and some lube to your room. You may spend the rest of the night writing.

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