Monday, December 26, 2011

Vacation Part 1

So we off on our second honeymoon vacation. I have been locked away securely for over a month now, for various reasons I will explain shortly. This has been my longest straight chastity period. Mistress has assured me that she will unlock me as soon as we get there. I am so excited I could burst…and I mean literally. Mistress has spent a lot of extra time this past week making sure I was on the verge of insanity with need. I have spent hours being teased with her in sexy lingerie. All week she had me put the large plug in my pussy for an hour before bed. I was at an all time high in submission.

            So how did I end up in chastity for such a long time? It started shortly before Christmas, when a poor discussion got me locked up early. That night Mistress told me it would be three weeks in the cage, and for every time I failed to please her it would be an extra week. When she told me this I was sure I wouldn’t see an orgasm till early spring if I was lucky. Amazingly though I did very well and with only a few days left of the three weeks I was very proud of doing everything she had asked and managed to make her cum every time she told me to without her having to take matters in her own hands. I have to admit Mistress helped by not asking for a lot of orgasms but did make some truly humiliating demands, but as a good sub I did without question. With only hours left to my original period, Mistress tied me to a chair in the bedroom, blindfolded me, and teased my nipples. Soon she clipped the weights to my nipples and walked off. I thought that she was going to leave me like this for the night. Then she spoke in her cutest sweetest voice to me, “baby, can you come over her and please me?” I sat there in silence for a short while before I told her that I couldn’t. She laughed and said “guess I will do it myself then”. She quickly tossed herself off, cumming hard and loud. After she settled down, she came over and took the nipple clamps off.  She leaned in, kissed my cheek and whispered, “That’s another week”, and went off to bed.

            We talked and enjoyed our ride through the mountains. Once checked into the cabin, I was told to strip and get on my knees. Once there, Mistress spoke to me in a kind way, “I know you are looking forward to a long week of fucking me whenever you like, and you will, however there is one small problem. You will be doing it with a dildo.” Shocked I looked up at her in disbelief. “This is going to be the honeymoon that I wanted and you will be a good submissive and make me happy. You have two choices, either be a good sub and fuck me with the cock of my choice or have an attitude and I will fuck you with the dildo of my choice all weekend.” With that I nodded and handed me her largest dildo and told me to get dressed and bring her to two orgasms. I put the large cock in my fly and slowly pushed it into her stretching pussy. After she reached her two orgasms, she kissed me and said lets go to town. We enjoyed the night shopping and getting dinner. When we got home, she had me use the same dildo on her again to bring her to two more orgasms. Her pussy was getting accustomed to the large cock.

            The next morning Mistress had me get naked. “Here is the deal, I will unlock you today and you can stay out of your cage if you can follow these instructions. You get five minutes to achieve a ruined orgasm on my stomach, and then you will clean it all up with your mouth. No pleasure allowed no spurting, grunting or having a full orgasm. If you fail any part of this you will be locked back up and we will try again tomorrow. If you succeed you can stay unlocked today and maybe you can have an orgasm tomorrow.” After acknowledging her she unlocked my cage and I started stroking.

To be Cont……         

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