Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Birthday story prelude

A week before my birthday Mistress asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, so I started thinking, unsure of my commitment at this time. Last year at my birthday dinner she made it very clear we would always have some kind of dominant submissive relationship. This year, I have already been in chastity for over two weeks, and no idea when its going to end. We have already discussed a system that requires me to be submissive and chaste for a minimum of ten days a month. After that the remaining 18 days are up to her discretion. So I have sit and pondered, and have come up with my thoughts of a nice submissive birthday and birthday wish.

My birthday is on a friday night this year, so that makes things a little easier. Mistress sent me an email early in the morning.

Happy birthday slut, when you get off, go straight home, and get yourself ready for me. I want you to be naked, the small plug in your pussy, blind folded, and tied spread eagle to the bed. Tie you feet and one hand and I will get the last one. I hope I am not late, but you know how fridays can be.

I don't know how long I laid there, but I had fallen asleep, I'm guessing a couple hours by the time I saw a clock it was after eight. When Mistress came in she lightly stroked my clitty til it was hard. Then she got of the bed and I heard the bath running. She came back in the room and placed clothes pins on my nipples, and went about getting her bath and getting dressed. Soon she was sitting on my face with my lips touching her rose bud. ” don't move until you can't hold your edge anymore, then I want your tongue deep in me.” I could feel her hot pussy on my chin. Once again she slowly stroked my clitty, but this time pushed it to the edge.  I slipped my tongue in her ass to let her know I was close, but she didn't stop. I frantically stuffed my tongue as deep as I could and she released my clitty. I tongued her deep for a few minutes before I felt her rolling a condom down my shaft. ”Keep this on tonight, I want you to have desert” she chuckled. She got up, removed the clamps and butt plug, finished dressing and untied me. I got dressed and headed to dinner.
When we get to dinner she tells me to answer one question, depending on the outcome, it will decide a few things about the night. It may be guessing if she wearing panties or not, or some other question. Something she had thought up to suit the odds she desires. But, before I guess she will tell me the results of guessing right or wrong. ”Either way we are going to go park somewhere. If you guess correctly, you will be allowed to eat my pussy in the car before we go home, if you you are wrong, you are going to suck my cock and then I'm going to fuck your pussy in the car. After we return home there will be more choices for you to make and more surprises.” She told me that She had a present and two cards on the table and told me that I only got to pick one card. One card read that I got my wish, and the other one was her wish. Both cards were simple envelopes, with no way to tell.  I will follow this story with two different  endings.  I didn't know which I even wanted, I didn't know what her idea was and it could of been worse than mine.
To be continued.....

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