Friday, December 30, 2011

Todays Story

To start this out, this won’t follow my traditional line of fantasy stories, or stories that I hope to actually happen, but rather just a quick entry to how my day has went. I will probably be drifting in more of this direction in the future, as the long stories usually require a lot more time than I generally have. I have also had trouble getting followers and comments so maybe this will help things pick up.

            I woke up this morning early, in a normal day off gurly mood. I painted my toenails, shaved from head to toe, and then headed to the gym to workout and spend some time working on my tan. I always enjoy my time in the gym, even though now I spend more time getting a femme figure than lifting weights. I always wonder what others think when all I do is leg and ab exercises. Then its off to the tanning bed where I wear nothing but my cage and bikini bottoms. Today was especially fun since I had pretty pink nails to stare at the whole time. When I left the gym, I got a text from Mistress telling me to fuck myself with the large, and I do mean large, dildo at some point today. This thing is huge, its 2 ½ inch in diameter. Mistress intends on this being the dildo she uses on me in the future and wants me to get used to it. She also told me to send her pics so there was no way out of it. Surprisingly it fit well today and once the pictures were taken and sent off, I achieved two really good female style orgasms. I miss cumming like a man, but have to say female ones aren’t bad at all. She told me that tonight, my clit will be coming out of the cage for some serious teasing, and somebody was getting fucked hard tonight. Not sure which one is wearing the  strap-on, but one thing for sure, it wont be my pathetic clit.

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