Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Early Orgasm

Mistress was kind enough to allow me to cum much earlier than I expected this time. I lated 18 days, but was expecting a month. I was relieved to cum early as I was falling into a bit of boredom. I try to hold of on my feelings when things are slow, but being new to this, and probably poorly trained at this point it is challenging. This was the first time that it was a single orgasm and back into chastity, which makes it almost feel like I wa never out. Last night, Mistress came home from work and immediately got into her strap on for some play. It want anything fancy, but she quickly gave me four good female type orgasms to put me back into my place. After lounging around and having dinner we went of to bed and Mistress had new fuck her with the strap on. She did not get enjoyment out of it and went to sleep very angry with me. we will have to see what punishments tonight bring.

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