Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The vacation, the real story

Well first off, before anyone gets too excited, the vacation was nothing like the fantasy I wrote before. That is not a bad thing though, for me at least. For anyone reading, I'm sorry if it is not as exciting as you may like. We spent for nights on vacation, but only played once. The first night we stayed in a hotel along the way. Mistress had me strip and get on my knees. She inserted a plug in my ass and clamps on my nipples. Stuffed my mouth with panties and a blindfold, and gave me a good spanking. After she was done, she had me put on panties and a bra, a pair of her jeans and go fetch her ice from the Ice machine. I still had the plug in and it was a pretty good walk down to the ice. No one was around, so it was pretty uneventful. The next day when we got to the cabin, Mistress allowed me to make love to her, wearing a condom of coarse, so as not to leave a mess. After I came, which only took about two minutes, she had me drink the contents of the condom. The rest of the weekend we were either to tired or simply too busy to play. It was very hard to stay submissive or feminine after this vacation, but Mistress had already set up a date, or better a sexual incounter for me later this week. I am trying hard to get back into the right frame of mind after a very un submissive weekend, but it is challenging. Don't get me wrong, I love my wife, and love times like we had this weekend, but it makes being out of control so much harder. Well more to follow on that, but I have to get busy getting pretty. Here is the outfit I think I will wear for my date.
What do you think?


  1. Cute dress, are you going to go dancing? what will you be wearing under it? Chrissie

    1. no, i wasn't leaving the bedroom ;). underneath was a bra and crotchless panty hose