Friday, April 13, 2012

To officially become a cuck tonight?

Mistress is out at a concert tonight. She has been very dominant lately and things seem to be much more elaborate this time around. I don't know if she has plans yet, but she is a very attractive woman so I'm sure she can find a volunteer. I was a good sissy and sloped a couple condoms in her purse just in case. Many things have happened over the last couple weeks and I will do my best to share those stories with you all soon. But to keep this from being to long I will sum it up to say that I am now chaste till mid july, and have been exiled from Mistresses bedroom so I'm sure being chucked is the least of my concerns by three time july gets here.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Slowly returning to submission

For the part few weeks we had a break in or dominant submissive lifestyle. Mistress has just got a new job, where she will be on the road during the week and we won't see much of each other. We took the break to see just how we were going to cope with being a part and maintaining our lifestyle. We are pushing forward again, and taking it slow to make sure everything goes smoothly. I am sure it will and now that she is truly the bread winner, I may slip further into

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The vacation, the real story

Well first off, before anyone gets too excited, the vacation was nothing like the fantasy I wrote before. That is not a bad thing though, for me at least. For anyone reading, I'm sorry if it is not as exciting as you may like. We spent for nights on vacation, but only played once. The first night we stayed in a hotel along the way. Mistress had me strip and get on my knees. She inserted a plug in my ass and clamps on my nipples. Stuffed my mouth with panties and a blindfold, and gave me a good spanking. After she was done, she had me put on panties and a bra, a pair of her jeans and go fetch her ice from the Ice machine. I still had the plug in and it was a pretty good walk down to the ice. No one was around, so it was pretty uneventful. The next day when we got to the cabin, Mistress allowed me to make love to her, wearing a condom of coarse, so as not to leave a mess. After I came, which only took about two minutes, she had me drink the contents of the condom. The rest of the weekend we were either to tired or simply too busy to play. It was very hard to stay submissive or feminine after this vacation, but Mistress had already set up a date, or better a sexual incounter for me later this week. I am trying hard to get back into the right frame of mind after a very un submissive weekend, but it is challenging. Don't get me wrong, I love my wife, and love times like we had this weekend, but it makes being out of control so much harder. Well more to follow on that, but I have to get busy getting pretty. Here is the outfit I think I will wear for my date.
What do you think?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Relationship Changing Week

This week has been a serious struggle for me. So many things have changed and Mistress has discovered new powers and desires that to be honest I only fantasized about. She has become a hardened Mistress while also becoming more loving and affectionate at the same time. She has decided that cuckolding seems like a good idea. She has recognized the need for thorough punishments and that they must be administered at a much higher level than she had previously done. We are going on our vacation in a couple days and I have no idea what to expect, but she has promised more changes. Is anyone else’s head spinning yet?

So after all this news came about, tonight I am sitting here pondering all of this in a black bra and panty set, while Mistress is out at a bar with a potential Bull. I have been instructed to write about my feelings tonight and of the new changes. It is really too soon to know how I feel, it is all so new and unexpected. I know she is going to be disappointed, but for now all I know is that I am happy for her. She is starting to enjoy her role, and thus it makes me happy. I have flopped back in forth between happy for myself and sorry for myself, asking myself what I started. She has given me plenty of chances to back out; however she has informed me that I can’t be a man in bed the way she wants, so trying to be “normal” would never work. I am submissive by nature, and I will just have to learn my place and hope that this only brings us closer.  It is a struggle now, but I am sure I will quickly learn to love our new relationship. If not, I am also sure she will help me understand.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The rest of friday night

After my last post I got undressed, slipped into a pink nighty, and went to sleep. About two in the morning Mistress got home, slipped on her huge strap on, and with out even waking me up starting shoving it in me. She was tired so she only brought me to one orgasm, but it was still nice. We didn't talk after that, she rolled over and said she was tired. The next day she told me she had spent all night flirting with some guy and she had seriously considered bringing him home to fuck her in front of me in my full sissy state. Very hot and very scary thought all at the same time.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday night adventure

Mistress is out for the evening with a friend so I was given some instructions to do tonight. I got fully dressed, a pair of right jeans, a flannel shirt and high heel boots. After I got the make up and wig on, I walked out into the world for the first time. The task was simple enough, go to the local walmart, walk around and take a picture for me. Well it was so very erotic. I am dribbling pre cum still and it was almost an your ago that I left. Well I have to run, the second part of my instruction was to be in bed with a pink nightie on when she got home. More to follow on that later.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Early Orgasm

Mistress was kind enough to allow me to cum much earlier than I expected this time. I lated 18 days, but was expecting a month. I was relieved to cum early as I was falling into a bit of boredom. I try to hold of on my feelings when things are slow, but being new to this, and probably poorly trained at this point it is challenging. This was the first time that it was a single orgasm and back into chastity, which makes it almost feel like I wa never out. Last night, Mistress came home from work and immediately got into her strap on for some play. It want anything fancy, but she quickly gave me four good female type orgasms to put me back into my place. After lounging around and having dinner we went of to bed and Mistress had new fuck her with the strap on. She did not get enjoyment out of it and went to sleep very angry with me. we will have to see what punishments tonight bring.